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What we do

Did you know dentists miss up to 30% of pathologies when looking at an X-Ray, and that they have to spend about 30 minutes to generate a 3D model by hand from a 3D X-Ray, to use a better way of setting implants? Promaton was founded by a dental expert and an AI expert, to help dentists reduce the diagnostic error rate by 90%, and automate mundane tasks so that dentist can focus on their patients, and deliver better care.

We are a group of young, driven, engineers and scientists, that want to drastically improve patient care in dentistry. We deploy cutting edge AI and cloud platform technology to achieve our goals, and already have 8 patents on our name.

We currently have three products in our pipeline:

  1. Apox: helps dentists with 2D X-Ray diagnostics, reducing the error rate by 90% and automating chart filing
  2. OSS segmentation: automates the segmentation and classification of structures of an 3D intraoral scan
  3. CBCT Segmentation: automates the segmentation and classification of structures of an 3D X-Ray

You can see demos of all our products in our demo app.


What we stand for

Flexible: At Promaton, you are free to set your own schedule and work whenever you are most effective. We only have a few fixed touch points: an all-hands meeting on monday morning to kick off the week and present progress, every team has a planning meeting, and of course we have our company events (pictures above) that happen three to four times a year.

Remote: We are a remote-first company with an office in Amsterdam. You are free to work from anywhere you like. So far, people have worked for Promaton from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, UK, Thailand and South Africa.

Experiment oriented, with a focus on quality: most of our technology is cutting edge, meaning we heavily invest in research and trying out ideas. We have a culture and an environment where experimenting and playing around with ideas is encouraged. However, we are also a certified medical device manufacturer, meaning the quality of our software is created according to the highest standards. 

Interested to know more? Checkout out blog to learn more about what we do, and how we do it.

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Current openings

Senior Software Engineer (Backend/Data)
Science and Engineering
  • Remote job
Junior ML/DL Research Engineer
Science and Engineering
  • Remote job
Senior ML/DL Engineer
Science and Engineering
  • Remote job
Senior Software Engineer - Machine Learning
Science and Engineering
  • Remote job
CTO/VP of Engineering
Science and Engineering
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands