Senior MLR - 3D Geometry Processing | 3D Shape Generation

Job description

Even if you knew everything there was to know about Machine Learning today, the idea that tomorrow you will wake up and learn something new is what gets you out of bed every day and excited to work in this field.

You’re curious and a constant learner, always wondering what’s next and where can we take this technology?

You understand that these projects take time and you’re in it for the long run, testing, tweaking, training, critiquing until your models are as close to perfect as you can get them, and only then you know it's a slim chance if it will make it to production, as 80% of models never make it to the outside world!

But that doesn’t put you off as you’d be joining a team who recently got their first model into production in an industry that’s heavily regulated too!

This wouldn't have been possible without the work of a small, international, inspired and talented team that work remotely across Europe, from the Netherlands to Greece, Spain to France and Germany to the UK. There’s a total of 22 of us all for now, mostly holding as a minimum MSc’s in a variety of computer science and AI related subjects and we’ve even got 3 PhDs amongst the ranks - that’s a lot of brain power ;)

We are expanding our product teams currently and on the hunt for someone who has experience with 3D geometry processing/ 3D shape generation in an AI domain. Perhaps you are a fan of Kornia or have worked in the graphics domain, maybe have attended a Siggraph conference over the years too or even a member (past or present) of VGC out of the University of Oxford, then we’d love to talk to you! 

You’d be working on helping us bring AI to the dentistry field, working on our cutting edge AI applications, building and improving our deep learning models with our clinical experts, that’s right you’d be building things which takes ML/AI into products that genuinely help people all over the globe with their health.

You’ll have total freedom on how you work, we operate a flat structure as a company and hate micromanagement! If you’re a morning person or a night owl we don’t want to dictate your hours to you, you know yourself how your energy flows throughout the day which relates to what is the best use of your time ;) We have only a couple of touchpoints throughout the week as we want to give you the space to work how you see fit.

We will support you with the latest macbook and additional screen, monthly ML paper reviews to ensure you always have exposure to the latest and greatest techniques that are being discovered and you will have an annual personal learning and development budget of €1,000 to be spent on books, courses, conferences whatever you feel can get you to the next level of your career and help us build our products.

Want to know more? Then hit that apply button and let’s get a call set up!

Job requirements

Our tech stack:

Python | Pytorch | Tensorflow | Jupyter | Open3D | VTK | AWS | Git | GitHub | Kubeflow | Docker