Platform Engineer

Job description

Your love for automation will bring our advanced algorithms to every dental practice in the world. Using micro services on Kubernetes and serverless architectures you make sure our algorithms perform well, and our data is securely transported across our platform

Promaton is changing dental healthcare by automating diagnostics and treatment workflows using AI, making healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone. Did you know dentists miss up to 30% of pathologies on an X-Ray? We are on a mission to eliminate errors in dentistry by improving diagnostic accuracy, and automating mundane work like creating 3D models by hand from an X-Ray. See our company page to learn more about what we do.

You'll be:

  • Responsible for the setup, deployment and monitoring of our globally scalable API using Kubernetes on AWS, and serverless on AWS.
  • Creating a secure cloud platform that allows data scientists to run experiments on any type of hardware, in a secure environment with sensitive data.
  • Creating tooling such as an application to manage our data lake, data pipelines, transport metrics, dashboards, etc. 
  • Automating our CI/CD pipelines, so we can safely develop and deploy our applications continuously

There are two factors that make the above especially challenging:

  1. We run very heavy AI jobs on big (expensive) GPU machines, but our load is sporadic. To keep cost under control, we heavily invest in auto scaling, and optimisation of our algorithms. Increasing our server utilization percentage is has a major effect on our business.
  2. We work in a complex environment where we need a certain set up dependencies for Tensorflow to work, and we need secure access to all our files without leaking sensitive information. Finally, the files we work with are larger than you can put on any event bus. This means we have to create a lot of tooling on our own, or create adaptors for existing tooling. 

The perks:

  • 💰 Excellent employment terms
  • 🏡 Freedom to work from anywhere you like (and any time you like). We only have a few touch points.
  • 👩‍🔬 Dedicated time for hackathons and research, to explore new ideas of your own
  • 🎓 Real training budget for books and conferences or anything else you need to grow.
  • 🚀 Work with the latest technology, on the front-end of a rapidly changing field in medical
  • 💪 Loads of responsibility and autonomy, zero bureaucracy and a chance to make a real impact
  • 🏖 Awesome yearly company retreat, and quarterly team events.
  • ⛺️ 25 days of annual leave
  • 💻 Top-notch gear, and even bigger servers to play with

Our tech stack:

Kubernetes on AWS (with EKS), and AWS Lambdas for serverless.
Python, React, Typescript, Node.js for application development and data science
Postgres, ElasticSearch, DynamoD, S3 for storage
Github, Jenkins for CI/CD
Prometheus, OpsGenie, Grafana, Jaeger for monitoring and alerting

Job requirements

  • Computer science level degree or equivalent
  • Programmer by heart, preferably in any of these languages: Java, C#, Python, Go, JavaScript.
  • 5 years experience building platforms / infrastructure + security
  • 2+ years with cloud computing (AWS, G-Cloud or Azure)
  • Expert in Kubernetes: you are up-to-date with latest developments in the field of Kubernetes and have min. 1 year of experience with Kubernetes
  • Your mindset: open-minded, innovative, detail-oriented 
  • Based in a time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3 (-2 to +2 hours Amsterdam time)
  • Ability to fly in for company events 4 times a year (1 week per quarter)

Bonus points: 

  • Passion for machine learning
  • Previous experience in a regulated environment

Sounds like you? Let's talk!