Data Manager

Job description

Promaton is changing dental healthcare by automating diagnostics and treatment workflows through AI. Did you know currently several minutes are spent by every dental technician in the world on the design of every single crown? The automation of traditionally manual design work and use of artificially generated crowns drives our mission to provide faster and higher quality dental healthcare to patients all across the globe.

We are a startup growing rapidly and have a very strong ‘people first’ culture. We are passionate about technical innovation in healthcare, we value autonomy and implement best practices from top tech product companies. See our company page to learn more about what we do.

Data is an essential part of the AI products we build, and we need to continuously increase our algorithm output by optimizing (the quantity and quality of) the input data. You will work with product management, researchers and engineers to help solve product quality problems from the data side. Also you will bear responsibility for the data annotation itself and related processes.

You will manage multiple data projects within the company. We train AI algorithms by showing lots of examples and by taking the algorithm's erroneous outputs as new learnings. You will be managing the entire data lifecycle, from translating product discovery to data requirements, data sourcing, quality management, up to establishing roadmaps. All making sure we have large amounts of high quality data that enable and increase product performance. Together with our patented AI algorithms, this is the most important aspect of our business.

This role will be 24-40 hours per week.


From a data management perspective you will be working with our product management, machine learning research & engineers on increasing the quality of our products:

  1. Vision, management and process related activities
    1. Vision on data management based on the product development goals; e.g. longer term goals and a plan for data quality control.

    2. Structuring data annotation in Promaton: e.g. thinking up and implementing processes for setting requirements, data annotation, and data quality management. Extend focus from operations (the baseline) to other dimensions in general (data/annotation quality, innovation)

    3. Independently defining data annotation OKRs, reporting on them, and rescoping if needed

    4. Scope, manage and report on costs for data life cycle

  2. Stakeholder management
    1. Direct interaction with and being part of our product teams

    2. Management of our group of data annotators
      1. Manage our internal and external data annotation teams (OKR progress, their happiness, planning)

      2. Hiring and firing of annotators

      3. Managing of input, output, problems and relationship of outsourcing companies

    3. Direct interactions with external partners for all data related items (commercial partners, research partners, clinical experts, etc.)

  3. Day-to-day operations including
    1. Sourcing of data

    2. Assessment of progress, problems and risks

    3. Deployment & tracking of assignments

    4. Measure and determining of the quality of annotations

    5. Reviews & extensions of manuals


  • 💰 Excellent employment terms
  • 🏡 Freedom to work from anywhere you like (and any time you like). We only have a few touch points.
  • 💪 Loads of responsibility, autonomy, and a chance to make a real impact
  • 🏖 Awesome yearly company retreat, and quarterly team events.
  • ⛺️ 25 days of annual leave

Job requirements

  • Minimal 2 years of technical or data management experience

  • Strong proactive and getting-things-done mentality

  • Technical affinity: you should be data and software literate so you can work with our fully digitalized environment and tools for viewing and extracting data (e.g. being able to use Linux to copy data and/or being able to perform some scripting).

  • People management skills: you know how to motivate your team and can help team members with problems

  • Hands on attitude (i.e. taking on the full responsibility of the role including operational work)

  • Strong in English writing and speaking, our main communication language is English

  • Ability to stand your ground (ability to give pushback to other stakeholders in the company to guard team output)

  • Bonus points if you have previous experience in the medical domain and/or with data annotation for computer vision or NLP

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